Musica Britannica title


Dr Andrew Ashbee
Professor Peter Holman
Valerie James   Honorary Treasurer of the Royal Musical Association
Professor Simon McVeigh   President of the Royal Musical Association
Professor John Morehen
Professor Julian Rushton


Professor Julian Rushton   Chairman

Dr Peter Lynan   General Editor

Dr Andrew Ashbee Dr Nicolas Bell
Dr Jonathan Clinch Professor David Fallows
Dr Rebecca Herissone Professor Peter Holman
Dr Peter Horton Dr H. Diack Johnstone   General Editor Emeritus
Dr Valerie Langfield Professor John Morehen

Mr Christopher Scobie   Secretary

Former members of the Editorial Committee

Edmund Fellowes (1951) Edward J. Dent (1951–1957)
Frank Howes (1951–1962) Thurston Dart (1951–1971)
Sir Jack Westrup (1951–1975) Frank Harrison (1962–1975)
Nigel Fortune (1975–1977) Sir Anthony Lewis (1951–1983)
Gerald Abraham (1951–1983) Michael Tilmouth (1972–1987)
Ivor Keys (1957–1988) Brian Trowell (1972–1993)
Andrew Parrott (1988–1994) David Brown (1980–2005)
Paul Doe (1976–2010) Sir Curtis Price (1993–2012)
Alan Brown (1984–2018) Stephen Banfield (1993–2019)

Former secretaries to the Trust

Thurston Dart (1951–65)
William Oxenbury (1965–2004)
Peter Lynan (2004–2019)